Welcome to European project to promote
the Ultra High-Definition

The TV world has always been driven by technical breakthroughs: after the full HD TV step, two major innovations seem driving the next step of this important consumer market: the 3DTV and the ultra-HDTV


The 3DTV is being handled in priority by major actors, and an ecosystem is being set up progressively. Commercial broadcast programmes with so called "frame compatible HD-3DTV" have already started and the Blu-ray Disc technology allows delivering full HD-3DTV to the home. The Ultra HDTV, although investigated especially at the professional level, is only now starting to being touched upon in the consumer world, with huge potential for immersive and high quality user experience, enabling new steps in immersive TV and 3DTV experiences.

As HD is gaining penetration in many countries, even higher levels of immersiveness are looked for. In particular, the viewing angle of a current HD system is about 30°, creating the impression of looking through a window, while for an encompassing experience; an angle of over 90° is desirable. Ultra HD, with its higher resolution, is the prime enabler for this stunning experience, bringing the home a step closer to the full cinematic experience.

The advent and deployment of HDTV in Europe and worldwide, the progress made in digital cinema and display technologies offering bigger size with better resolution paves the way for extending the current HDTV into Ultra HDTV 4K and even 8K for the coming decade.